When ‚understanding’ gets too much ‚dynamic’…

This is why I don’t publish with Springer (from now on it is my excuse, a phony one, but still 🙂

Betz-Wisdom-EnhancedTake a look at the page 122 in Frederick „Betz’s Societal Dynamics Understanding Social Knowledge and Wisdom (Springer 2011). I don’t know what kind of additives Mr. Betz is taking to enhance his ‚understanding’ and ‚wisdom’. Or maybe this is an open window in his office to be blamed for it – the wind simply flipped out his map to the other side, and he got fooled taking east for the west, and west for the east. Wait a second… but did the wind flipped his calendar, too? Take a moment, find the remaining bugs in this short excerpt, and you’ll win a free “like”!!!


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