The old, good times…

Pasażerowie na płycie lotniska idący do samolotu. Widoczny samolot pasażerski Polskich Linii Lotniczych LOT. Warszawa, 1955.

The old, good times… It looks like people did not have to bother themselves to “lost and found” booth, when they lost something on the airports back in 1950s.

In September 1954, Sir Ernst Boris Chain, the Noble Prize winner for his work on penicillin, wrote to Dr. B. Sjogren in Sweden: “S.A.S. just phoned and told me that they found and brought to Rome the umbrella which I left at Bromma airport.”

Was that the charm of traveling when the flight companies still cared about passengers, or was that another perk of winning the Nobel Prize? Share your thoughts! I’ve just found that at Wellcome Collection in London, while working on my penicillin history project.


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