An embargo that built an industry

In 1946 The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) declared, that several European countries devastated by war, would receive five fully equipped penicillin plants. For Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Italy, Belarus and Ukraine that would mean an enormous support in their efforts to improve health conditions, especially since after the war large anti-venereal diseases programs have been launched in these countries. The beneficiaries had to furnish the factory buildings to house the production lines. The local specialists had to be trained in the West in order to keep the plants working. But due to American strategic embargo, the equipment delivered to East European countries was incomplete. It caused a political stir at World Health Organization (WHO) forum, which resulted with withdrawal of several countries from the organization…

Event: „Beyond the Magic Bullet. Reframing the History of Antibiotics”
Location: Voksenåsen Conference Centre, Oslo, Norway. Conference: Beyond the Magic Bullet: Reframing the History of Antibiotics.
Organisers: Christoph Gradmann and Flurin Condrau / European Science Foundation Research Network Program DRUGS.


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